The Aircraft

Flex Wing or Fixed Wing?

We can teach you to fly the two types of Microlight aircraft.

Flex Wing

A Flex Wing Microlight is hang glider with a trike suspended under the wing. In the trike the pilot and the passenger are seated. Similar to a hang glider the aircraft is controlled by displacing the weight to get it to manoeuvre. The cockpit has all the flight and engine instruments similar to any conventional aircraft. Modern flex wing Microlights are capable of speeds up to 100 MPH and are extremely safe and reliable and offer the cutting edge in light aircraft technology. Our school aircraft is a Pegasus Quik offering great handling characteristics and safety that is paramount when used in a teaching environment.

Fixed Wing

A Fixed Wing Microlight fly’s and looks the same as a conventional light aircraft. They have fully enclosed cockpits offering protection from the elements. They generally fly faster than flex wing Microlights and are less susceptible to windy conditions. Generally students have a faster learning profile on fixed wing Microlight and can use the skills learned to transfer to a higher license i.e. conventional fixed wing aircraft.

Microlight license holders can use the hours they have accrued to cross-credit to other ratings. Full details of allowances can be found here. 

Pilots who hold a JAR or NPPL with single engine piston rating can easily convert to fixed wing Microlights with the minimum of training.


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