Our Prices

A breakdown of the costs involved in getting your Pilots License

The cost depends entirely on how quickly as a student you progress through the course.

The factors involved are weather, student availability, and funding. Flying is no more expensive than drinking or smoking at a moderate level. What to say to potential pilots is if you do one of the aforementioned and are prepared to give up one of them you would have the added benefits of better health and money to attain your pilot’s license.

The average cost of flying lessons is around £3,500 -£5,000 depending on frequency of lessons and aptitude.

There are five written exams to take costing £30.00 each. We can do all the ground school at Oban Flying Club.

To get your radio operators license you will need to go on a Radio Course costing £50.00 after which there is a written and practical exam costing £80.00. Simon Jeffrey is an examiner known to us and we recommend you use him for your exam.

There is also your club membership fee of £160.00 per year, which gives you access to the club and pays for your landing fees at Oban, Colonsay, and Coll. It also contributes to the future development of the club. There is also a legal requirement that both instructor and student are members of the same club.

Initially we will provide all equipment for flying, however, we do encourage pilots to purchase their own suit and helmet.

Experience Flight

30 minute trial flight


60 minute trial flight


90 minute trial flight


Flying Lessons / Pilot Training 

1 hour dual or solo lesson on school aircraft


1 hour dual lesson on own aircraft


1 hour supervised solo on own aircraft


Block of 5 lessons


Written examinations


Radio written & practical examination


Private ground school per hour


General Skills Test



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