Flight Training

Requirements to get your Microlight Pilots License (NPPL)

Types of license

Requires a minimum of 15 hours flying instruction of which 7 hours must be solo. Some of the restrictions include: you can't take off if the wind is above 15 knots, you must not fly outside a radius of 8nm from your departure airfield, you cannot carry passengers until you have logged at least 25 hours flight time (10 hours as Pilot in Command).

Requires a minimum of 25 hours flying instruction of which 10 hours must be solo. You must also complete the navigation part of the course and complete 2 cross country navigation exercises. You are free to fly where you like and can take passengers.


The course starts with dual lessons where your instructor guides you through a series of flying exercises. The exercises start with basic handling skills and progress to complex manoeuvring and procedural flying. Each lesson is between one and two hours long and usually starts with a briefing, followed by the flying exercise followed by a de-briefing.

To see the full syllabus you can downloaded it here: NPPL Microlight Rating Syllabus (PDF)

Going Solo

When your instructor thinks you're ready you'll go on your first solo flight. This is an amazing and slightly nerve racking experience which a Pilot never forgets.

You will then fly for 10 hours solo during which time you will complete two cross country navigation exercises.

Cross Country Navigation Exercises

Using your navigation skills you will fly to, land and return from two separate airfields.

General Skills Test

Once you’ve completed all your training you will need to pass a General Skills Test. The examiner will ask you to demonstrate the skills you've learnt during your training.

If you pass you have completed the flying section of the syllabus.


There are five exams to pass:

  • Technical - the technical aspects of the aircraft.
  • Air Law - The do’s and don’ts of flying.
  • Navigation.
  • Meteorology.
  • Human Performance & Limitations.


A medical examination is not required but you do need a medical certificate declaring you are healthy, signed by your doctor and countersigned by you.

Radio Operators License

To operate the radio in an aircraft you are required to possess a Radio-Telephony Operators Licence.

There are several examiners in Scotland we can recommend for this exam


Ground Shcool

The Syllabus

The syllabus for the NPPL license can be downloaded here: NPPL Microlight Rating Syllabus (PDF)

Exam Revision

Almost all of the reading required for the five exams can be found in one excellent book by Brian Cosgrove called The Microlight Pilots Handbook. Trial exams can be provided on a lease and return basis. This in conjunction with the appropriate study material shall have you passing the exams with ease. 

All study material can be purchased online or alternatively we will stock essential reading books at the school

Radio Telephony License

All students are asked to study chapters 2 & 3 as a bare minimum of the CAA Publication CAP413 before attending the course.

It is also recommended that you read the supplement to CAP413 called A reference guide to UK phraseology.

The exams are generally not that difficult however they do take a degree of application to pass them. We prefer the students self study as we can’t pour the knowledge into you. We of course will offer coaching for those experiencing sticking points in the learning process. Exams should be completed in conjunction with the practical syllabus. The only rule we have is before solo flight all students must have sat and passed Air Law.


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